Design & Planning

Clear Timelines. No Surprises.

Once a site is identified and selected, BH DevCo leverages long-term relationships with the best design experts in the industry—including architecture, structural and material handling related to e-commerce and industrial.

We bring in the top professionals to design and plan the best building to optimize operations. Our team can masterfully right-size a project and provide the flexibility for future planning and expansion if needed. We’re able to think through the finest available options around sustainability, operations, office layout, green certification, incentive-related abatements related to sustainability and more.

Through highly detailed data collections and analysis, we bring in our experts to fine-tune the design, provide a long list of value engineering options and price the project to fit the proposed budget. We are transparent about cost and offer data to back up cost-saving opportunities.

It is our goal to have building design and budget match—a feat which we routinely accomplish through a collaborative process between our team, our design partners and our clients.

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